Monday, February 21, 2011

An Uncertain Number Of Things I'd Like To Find In A Woman

To clarify, I'm not looking for everything listed below in a woman, just 85% or so.
  1. gym membership
  2. a love of reading
  3. pop culture literate
  4. baking skills
  5. 150 Facebook friends or less
  6. less shoes than Facebook friends
  7. knowledge of what #5 references
  8. a happy go lucky personality
  9. prefers dogs over cats
  10. fan of at least one of the three major US sports
  11. knowledge of what the three major US sports are
  12. proper dining etiquette
  13. reality tv fan
  14. people watcher
  15. a nice butt
  16. a pleasant laugh
  17. a laugh that's never forced
  18. not a giggly girl
  19. shorter than 5'6
  20. owns a dvr
  21. a magazine subscription
  22. Google Reader user
  23. knows what a blog is
  24. was once or still is a blogger
  25. a lover of romantic comedies
  26. apathy towards foreign language films
  27. hair that is not dyed
  28. uses their gym membership 3-5 times a week
  29. nails that are not pressed on
  30. hair that is 100% theirs
  31. must love at least one of the following tv shows: FNL, Modern Family, Amazing Race, House, Top Chef, Top Gear
  32. ability to do at least one athletic thing
  33. played a sport in high school
  34. punctual
  35. plays a musical instrument
  36. enough patience to deal with my occasional obstinacy
  37. non-smoker
  38. non-teetotaler
  39. doesn't use her cellphone when having a friendly meal with others
  40. can fit her closest friends in  a sedan comfortably; no more, no less
  41. a decent speller, or at least willing to look up how to correctly spell a word when online communicating
  42. dresses appropriately for the occasion
  43. looks good in every article of clothing she has
  44. knows her congressional representative
  45. doesn't call herself politically an Independent
  46. not apathetic to politics
  47. an early riser
  48. the ability to quote from memory a book/movie/tv show
  49. has a large extended family
  50. values her alone time
  51. values her time alone with friends
  52. values her time alone with family
  53. I think she's funny when she tells the punch line wrong
  54. I think she's pretty without any makeup on
  55. quick to tease me about the two above
  56. loves to wear lingerie
  57. doesn't wait until the due date to pay her bills
  58. an Amazon Prime account
  59. only one credit card
  60. can deal with  the fact that I talk in my sleep
  61. wouldn't take this list too seriously
  62. someone I feel completely at ease around just being myself, knowing that I don't have to impress
  63. someone I still want to impress
  64. would find the above cheesy and let me know about it
  65. should fall in the half plus seven rule
  66. should look good in a cable knit sweater
  67. will see me as my friends do
  68. doesn't see me as a total clown
  69. VS hot
  70. won't mind my occasional glance
  71. doesn't think my friends are completely naive; seriously, he's not that naive 
  72. single
  73. doesn't use a ridiculous, hard to read font in emails
  74. I want a girl who wakes up early
  75. I want a girl who stays up late
  76. not so easily impressed by chocolates on a first date
  77. someone who doesn't think this was made just for them
  78. someone who can parallel park my car for me

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