Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Of What I'm Reading Online

Law school dean salaries.

The Days and Nights of an NBA Groupie: "One thing that has become more common since the Kobe case, says Brenda, is the bodyguard-chaperoned encounter. Watching isn't new. But these days, for a player to have his security guy or his boys hang around to watch isn't just kinky, it's smart business." Completely understandable and it's the smart thing to do. Could I do it? No, so I guess I'm lucky to be still wishing I were a little bit taller.

Does not make me want to go back home.

Advice I need to heed. And probably someone else too.

Sometimes Sundays suck.

What I'll be cooking this week.

On my Cooking Bucket List

If You’re Not Using Facebook, You’re A Bad Lawyer

Overcome information overload by trusting redundancy.

Recently purchased a Roku to go with the TV my brother got me. So far it's pretty good (complete current season of many TV shows, with limited commercial interruption - one 30 second commercial per break - has allowed me to catch up the shows I've fallen behind in since moving to Texas) and it might be great if I'm willing to add Though I won't be adding Amazon's VOD, the content is severely lacking.

Looks like I'm a sucker for buying mine.

Google introduced a recipe search engine Thursday that serves up dishes based not only on the ingredients you may have on hand, but the calories you want to consume and even how much time you have to cook.
How Oral Sex Can Increase Risk Of Cancer

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