Sunday, January 02, 2011

Stats Of a Neglected Blog

Since May 2010 the following five are the most popular posts with the top spot getting 260 page views.


What to glean from the above?  Well, I for one hope that people are looking at the top post before they go to law school..  Heck, I hope they're giving the thought some consideration before even taking the LSAT.  And for those of you who are lawyers searching for a reason to keep on trucking as a lawyer.  Good luck.

Not sure what #3 is doing there.  People searching for information on "legal professions exam"?  It's not a real exam people.  I guess I can chalk that up to the title of the post and those who think looking up their horoscopes is good life advice.

#2 reminds me that I need help approaching the ladies in an appropriate manner.  It's actually a question I'm going to want to revisit, so expect that post.

#4 is about the MPRE which is boring.

#5 tells me that people are either worried about their relationships heading into law school, as well they should be.  But it's like anything else that is going to end up taking most of a significant other's time and energy.  Add to that the huge financial investment and the accompanying stress to make it all pay off and you've got a lot working against a relationship.  But if a relationship can not only survive that but happily so, then you've got a keeper for life right there.

Anyway, more interesting stats, less boring commentary.  The top keyword searches that take people here:

inter alia
what's it like being a lawyer
law school and relationships
woody hightower
mpre scaled score
bussy fucking
what is it like being a lawyer
fucking bussy
do people like being lawyers

The foreign country with the most pageviews by a greater than 2 to 1 ratio over second place Russia, the Netherlands.  Maybe the Netherlandians (yeah, I know that's not right, but it's way more preferable I think than Dutch) can explain to me the whole bussy fucking/fucking bussy thing.  Bussy is Nederlander for what exactly?  You guys are probably hating that I've brought this blog back to life right about now.

So even though I've posted to this thing only twice since May 2010 up until now, this thing still gets more than a few looks.  One of my life's legacies?  I'm cool with that.  Now it's time to add.

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