Thursday, January 06, 2005

When A Boy Likes A Girl...

Hell, I don't know why anyone would ask me the following but E-Spat does anyway.
[W]hat it made me wonder is "How can a girl know if a boy likes her?" (I have no idea why it made me wonder that). Like, we know when he's NOT into us...cuz we read the book...but how do we know if he IS into us? It sounds stupid, but I wonder about these things. And someday a boy might like me again and I won't know because I'll be too stupid to understand his subtle yet urgent signals that he wants to be my cabana boy. What I would like is for all my favorite male bloggers to take one aspect of male behavior and explain it in depth (if you're not linked, it's not because I don't love you, it's because I've had a rough day [see next paragraph] and just can't stand to do one more link...I love you all equally). That can be your birthday present to understanding of what the f*ck is going on in your heads (not yours exactly, but yours as a gender representative).

Awwwwwww... I'm one of someone's favorites. Enough of that.

It's a bit too open ended of a question for me to answer. I mean what one aspect of male behavior could I explain that shows a boy likes a girl? I know that when I like a girl, I've been known to get drunk and either molest her ass in public or follow her into the ladies' restroom. I'm not really into that whole subtle thing. Anyway, a little help from the ladies please, or E-Spat herself, in narrowing it down to a specific behavior that I could write about and I'll do my best to explain. And seeing that I don't have classes until Monday, am not doing much of the first reading assignments, and am really bored, I more than willing to write on many instances of specific behavior. So ask away.


Anonymous said...

I am not a guy, I am a girl, but I have an idea how you know if a guy likes you. If he says he's your friend!

Anonymous said...

When a guy likes a girl he will:
1. Call her when he is drunk
2. Comment on her FINE ass

Anonymous said...

Or post when he is drunk. Is that a good idea? I think not!

Wayne said...

I wonder who the anonymous drunk commenter is.

I don't know about that whole saying he's a friend thing. Most guys I know who are interested in a girl want to avoid the friend label - unless they're not looking for instant gratification and are willing to take a risk and let it play out over the long run. But if a girl, whom a guy is interested in, asks the interested guy if he considers her a friend... what's a guy to do?

Anonymous said...

i think that a boy likes a girl when he says that i dont really know if i like you or not and they like talk to you on the phone but cant talk to you in public means they are shy but girl just keep on he'll come around be patient

Anonymous said...

people won't know if a boy likes them, unless he says but is there any signs

Anonymous said...

well, i actually have a question! To all of u boys out there: If a guy tells a girl one night that he likes her and would consider giving her a chance,( he wasnt drunk or high) and he holds her hand and cuddles with her for awhile, but there is this person in the way who doesnt want him to go out with anyone becuz she totally crushes on him and wont let him out of his he keeps to his story about liking this girl for like 3 days and on the 4th day the girl calls the guy up and asks him if he still likes her and he says " well yah, in a friendly way"...all of the girls friends thinks he said this becuz the one girl who is completely over-protective of him called up the girl and called the guy and started threatening them to leave eachother alone... Did the guy lie to the girl about likeing her in the first place, does he still like her, or is he just trying to get the protective girl off his back and telling the other girl he doenst like her anymore?

lilmzdaisyduke said...

okay! so, does a guy like a girl if he says that he does one day but the next day he changes his mind and says only in friendly way..i mean boys say how confusing girls are all the time but at least we can make up our minds!!!

Anonymous said...

man fuck this shit he likes yo if hes shy or some shitt if he NEVER talks to yo no matter wat...

Anonymous said...

So theres this guy.. i really really really!!! and im not to sure if he likes me.. i mean we have done things together.. and he still wants to do more stuff.. but when i asked him if he would ever consider trying to be together he said he does not make future plans , but he would consider it. im not to sure whats going on in school he wont talk to me.. but sometimes i catch him looking at me.. Im sooo LOST

Anonymous said...

really i think that if boy likes yuo talk on the phone or text to much. and if you ask him if he is busy he says yes but to talk to him anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ok. So I like this guy. We talk ALL the time and we have so much in common. He says he's not sure if he likes me or not. He knows that I TOTALLY like him, but I'm so lost. He always walks by me and just smiles, or when we're hanging out and people look at us and put hearts around us and stuff, he always says shut up. What's that supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not a guy, I'm a girl and I have ten ways you can tell if a guys into you:

Ten Ways To Tell If A Guys into You
1.The guy will be nice to you.
2.He will tell you that you did good, even if you did horrible.
3.He might make fun of you.
4.He'll want to be your friend.
5.He might compliment you on your hair, even if you wear it that way everyday.
6.He'll stick up for you.
7.He will start hanging out with your friends.
8.He'll flirt with you.
9.He'll call you for no good reason.
10.He'll make eye contact with a happy grin on his face.

Anonymous said...

WELL here goes..

it depends on the guys personality. some of them are confident and some arent so theyre all gna have diffrent ways of showing their feelings.

some really are over friendly to the girl which gives off signals that they like the girl and a lot of the time scares the girl off,
but or maybe theyre just a really friendly person and actually only want to be friends..

some ignore the girl which send her the wrong signals and make her think that he doesnt like her in that way.
but then they might just be ignoring the girl because they dont like them in that way (or any way at all) and the girl could have taken it as though he was just ignoring her cos he likes her.

some are just nice to the girl and pay her the right amount of attention which gives the girl the idea that he does like her.
but some guys act like that when they just want to be friends so the girl could get the complete wrong end of the stick.

some dont talk enough when theyre with the girl which could mean theyre shy cos they like the girl but could also mean theyre not good with conversations and they actually just want to be friends.


ANY signal that is given off by a guy can be taken in both ways, so really the only way a girl can KNOW is by the guy telling her somehow. like she could ask him or she could tell him how she feels and see how he reacts or anything like that, dont just look for the signals cos they can easily be mis interpreted.

cos if a girl takes it as if the guy likes her and he actually doesnt then she could end up feeling let down and feeling as if shes just not good enough.
and if she takes it as if he doesnt like her and he does then they could both completely miss their chance and never end up in a relationship cos they read the signals wrongly or give off the wrong signals.

so to save the confusion, maybe the guy or girl should just tell the other person how they feel before the feeling gets too strong and they get let down. they just need to make sure that theyre sure about their feelings before they share them because then if they change their mind about their feelings then they will confuse people and they could hurt someone.

so there you go, thats my opinion haha, rant over.