Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Short of Perfect?

It has been brought to my attention that my list is overly demanding and that I should maybe shoot for something like 70% or even less than that.

Which brings up the old question, how short of one's ideal of a perfect mate should one settle for? Is settling even acceptable? Would I just be dooming myself to an unmarried - apparently, marriageless isn't a real word, thank you spell check - life if I keep the standard too close to perfection? Or would I be dooming myself - and another - to a disappointing marriage by straying too far from perfect? Too close or too far, is there even a balance to strike here between the extremes? Or should it be a go big or go home mentality? I'm guessing this largely depends on how important getting married is to one's life.


Danae said...

Hold out for a hero dude. Seriously, I am, and I hardly ever cry myself to sleep anymore.

W said...

Ha. Thanks Danae. I will.