Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Most Expensive Blog Post Ever?

The NBA fined Mavericks owner Mark Cuban $200,000 for going onto the court after Game 1 of Dallas' series against the Spurs and criticizing league officials on his blog, ESPN's Jim Gray is reporting.

Cuban was fined $100,000 for going onto the court and another $100,000 for being critical of the league regarding the selection of playoff officials, and how to improve playoff officiating on

I don't think he got his money's worth.


Andy said...

it's nice to see that fascism is alive and well.

paul said...

I disagree with the "facism" comment. When you consider professional sports for what they really are-- business-- and just how much money flows through the big ones (NFL, NBA, MLB), you can understand why they would feel it was pretty important to protect the perception of integrity in the game itself. Just like I wouldn't expect to be able to keep a job with the NRA if I started blogging about how gun-control laws were too lax, or a job with the NY Times if I blogged about the importance of objectively showing all sides of a story. Sounds like thought control or some kinda censorship, but it's totally fair in the context of negatively affecting your private entity employer's business.