Tuesday, May 09, 2006

From The Comments (To A Long Ago Post)

Can someone else take the following questions and answer them for me? I'm not exactly Mr. Relationship and my natural reaction to the questions is to say, "Well if you have to ask, then it ain't supposed to be, you dumb bitches. And take the James Blunt off of repeat and move the fuck on - preferably to me because I especially like 'em dumb," probably isn't the well reasoned bit of wisdom they're seeking. So the first question by the ever present Anonymous is:
well, i actually have a question! To all of u boys out there: If a guy tells a girl one night that he likes her and would consider giving her a chance,( he wasnt drunk or high) and he holds her hand and cuddles with her for awhile, but there is this person in the way who doesnt want him to go out with anyone becuz she totally crushes on him and wont let him out of his sight..so he keeps to his story about liking this girl for like 3 days and on the 4th day the girl calls the guy up and asks him if he still likes her and he says " well yah, in a friendly way"...all of the girls friends thinks he said this becuz the one girl who is completely over-protective of him called up the girl and called the guy and started threatening them to leave eachother alone... Did the guy lie to the girl about likeing her in the first place, does he still like her, or is he just trying to get the protective girl off his back and telling the other girl he doenst like her anymore?

lilmzdaisyduke asks more succinctly:
okay! so, does a guy like a girl if he says that he does one day but the next day he changes his mind and says only in friendly way..i mean boys say how confusing girls are all the time but at least we can make up our minds!!!

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