Wednesday, May 10, 2006


To: Cal Civ Class
From: Wayne
Date: 05/10/06
RE: Exam

Now I know all of you are studying very hard for Saturday's exam but if you find yourself lacking in motivation at any point in time you may find this list on how to get motivated useful. With only your best interests in mind I would like to suggest in particular #8. My grade and I would be very appreciative.


Howard said...

Not on your life, man:-P I need to know this stuff for my summer clerkship anyway, so might as well learn it now!

Brandy said...

Yeah right Wayne...I am behind though. Still outlining and I'm only on motions to strike. You'll kick my ass for sure in this class.

Jenn M said...

I've outlined, but haven't even looked through the entire thing once.

But I did see Prof S the other night at a local Mexican restaurant. I asked for the test early, but she thought I was joking. Why would she think that????

Wayne said...

Uh... we're supposed to outline for the class? Kidding. But seriously, 3Ls outlining? What's the world coming to?