Sunday, April 17, 2005

Prom Night

I'll be continually updating this post as more of it is remembered, as I feel like it, and as a break from studying for finals.


Towards the end of the school year (too close to finals if you ask me), SWLAW holds a banquet to honor the student organizations. The presidents of all the organizations are invited as well as the whole current and incoming boards of Moot Court, Law Review, Journal, ITAP, and SBA. I was invited as a commissioner of SBA. So it was basically smart people and Wayne at this event.

The night is broken down into three parts: 1) the reception, 2) the dinner and program, and 3) "dancing immediately following the dinner." After the reception - in which we got our drinks and made mindless chit chat - each of the four honors programs and SBA went into their separate rooms to have dinner and their respective programs to self-congratulate one another. Later we would all gather again to dance or more likely to have more drinks.

I. How Did You Make Your Arrival To This Little Shindig?

I met up at Brian's place and in what could have been the biggest mistake of the night, we forgot to do any pre-drinking. That may have actually been for the better seeing that administration and faculty were also at the event.

We got a ride from Jen in her yellow car with yellow tinted windows where anyone looking in would have seen me at my most asian or my most jaundiced.

I. How Was The Schmoozing During The Reception?

II. Did Anyone Choke On The Dinner?

A. Did The Salad Have Croutons Or Bacon Bits?

It had neither. It was half a head of lettuce with tomatoe, cheese, and some dressing. The dressing was good.

The Third-Tier Dinner Conversation
Angela: Have you been working out recently Wayne?
Me: Yeah.
Angela (to her boyfriend, Brian): What about you?
Brian: I haven't been able to get into the gym lately. Not that it matters because I tend to let myself go after I get a girlfriend.
Angela (a little mad): I can't believe you just said that.
Brian (in weak defense): What? It's true.
Angela (still a little mad): I can't believe you.
Me: Don't get mad at him Angela, haven't you done the same thing?
Angela (now more than a little mad): And what's your excuse Wayne?

B. Did You Have The Chicken Or The Vegetarian?

C. Was Dessert Sweet Enough?

III. Who Was Recognized During The Program?

IV. Did Anyone Get Their Renaud On During The Dancing?

Unfortunately no one tried to freak every man, woman, and child. Nor did anyone attempt to do the Famed, but seldom seen, Turtle Dance.

Most people decided to mingle and get more drinks from the cash bar - that's right cash, not open. Anyway, as I was sidling up to the bar, I was approached by Dean Powell and she told me to make sure that nobody had too much to drink. I kinda laughed at the thought of it but she said she was serious. So I told her sure that I would do just so. After she left me alone at the bar, I ordered my fifth Jack neat. So in my own small way I did my part by making sure that was there were six less Jack neats to be had by others. As well as one less Jack on the rocks and half of a glass of white wine. What can I say? I'm a good Samaritan.

V. Conclusion

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