Friday, April 30, 2004

Law School Memory #26: Turtle Dance

When at Tommy's, Annie did a dance after being reminded that Sean's middle name was Paul. I think it was Trini that relayed this information back to Sean who has since demanded to no avail that she perfrom her dance of mockery for him. Well the other night after dinner at CPK on 7th and Fig., Sean said he would mock Annie with a Turtle Dance if she didn't do the dance for him. It led me to suggest that they battle right there on the 7th level of the parking structure to 7th and Fig. In a futile effort to get Annie to go first, Sean went first. What followed had to be one of the greatest acts of physical comedy that words can do no justice so I won't even attempt to describe it. The fact that it was completely unscripted and spontaneous also made it an act of pure genius. It's one of those things I won't ever have to come back here to be reminded.

And yes, Annie still has to show off her dance to Sean.

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