Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

Riz: what happened last night
Bruin7089: i remember you were freaking every man, woman and child at Level One
Riz: yea
Bruin7089: it was like, "hi Sean!"
Bruin7089: and then you were freaking them
Riz: i remeber not be able to walk but able to dance
Bruin7089: and they were like, "Ok"
Riz: were people like get away or were they having fun?
Bruin7089: responses varied
Bruin7089: from "this is awesome!" to "what the fuck?"
Riz: who gave which anybody i know or was it just randoms cuz i remember dancing with some large black girls
Bruin7089: every man, woman, and child
Riz: i jsut remeber girls boyfriends staring me down when i would freak their girls
Riz: and not caring one bit

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