Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Title Forthcoming

A work in progress. I could just have saved it as a draft but eh.

It started with us waiting for Nimmers to show. He was late. So late that he ended up not going. Something about not feeling well and leaving a voicemail to let us know instead of calling directly to Brian's. Thanks Nimmers, now go get me a beer.

Good thing Nimmers didn't make it though because the boys had to squeeze into Sean's truck - and with the cramped leg room I do mean "the boys" got squeezed.

We made it to Jeff's after a walk from Sean's garage. It was a bit like Cambridge that walk, with the memory of a unrinated children's playground coming to mind. Now if Brian's condo is "Pimp Palace", then Jeff's is "Pimp *Something Less Than Palace*" or "*Something Less Than Pimp* Palace", meaning to say it was like a "mini-Pimp Palace", but better kept and decorated with sports memorabilia rather than movie memorabilia.

We unpacked what we brought over and realized that we were long on chasers but short on alcohol. Or so we thought. Brian packed up a blue labeled Smirnoff and champagne along with eight cans of Red Bull, bottles of juice, a bottle of tonic, and a bag of limes. Luckily, more alcohol was on hand already and more came but really, it ended up being enough. And so we drank like Christmas Trees.

A game of Texas Hold'em ensued. Sean was terrible to the good fortune of Jeff, Sally didn't get any cards to play, and in the end Brian's pocket Q's beat my pocket K's on the flop. The pot of $6 was then split between Sally and Brian.

The McConaughey Twins, as Sally called them but I didn't see it, showed up. Then came Jay, Doug, and Dave. Then came Vinny and sis. Then came Rose. Then came Trini, Yolanda, and Marilyn. "Less than Pimp or Less than Palace" filled up and it was then time to make way to Level One. But not before much cajoling failed to get Rose to go with us. Something about not looking good enough in her Minnesota Gopher hoodie to get hit on.

The first cab - and what ended up being the only cab we needed to get to Level One - arrived. Out went Jay, Doug, and Dave to meet it. Rose and I caught up with them in the elevator. Now Rose had offered to drop me off at Level One. I, of course, accepted. I mean look to the sidebar pics people, would any sane man deny that? Anyway, so it was supposed to be just Rose and I in her car but somehow Jay, Doug, and Dave ended up in the car with us. Yet another instance of the white man keeping the asian man down.

We get to Level One and there's a line. Mind you, this is a Monday night at a place that doesn't pack in a crowd on the weekends.

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