Thursday, November 18, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

Bruin7089: and i'm tired now
cuyaz: Why tired, too much jacking off?
Bruin7089: is there ever enough of that?
cuyaz: Yes, there is
Bruin7089: So you've reached that point?
Bruin7089: good for you
Bruin7089: So how many times is enough?
cuyaz: More than twice a day is too much
Bruin7089: what if you miss monday?
Bruin7089: can you make up for it over the rest of the week?
cuyaz: No
cuyaz: Twice a day, not cumulative
Bruin7089: So it's a daily allowance
Bruin7089: Got it
cuyaz: yes, now you got it
Bruin7089: Is that what your dad tells his patients?
cuyaz: He doesn't talk to dudes
Bruin7089: women masturbate too don't they?
cuyaz: indeed
Bruin7089: So?
Bruin7089: Same deal?
cuyaz: no
Bruin7089: What's their deal then?
cuyaz: they can do it as much as they want
Bruin7089: So long as I watch
cuyaz: yup
Bruin7089: Is that a biological difference between men and women?
cuyaz: could be
Bruin7089: Or something more along the lines of why men shouldn't wear pink but women should?
cuyaz: real men wear pink
Bruin7089: yeah
Bruin7089: Well ok
Bruin7089: A different analogy
Bruin7089: Why women can wear high heels but men shouldn't.
cuyaz: yes exactly
Bruin7089: so that's the reason?
Bruin7089: not the biological one?
cuyaz: no bio reason
cuyaz: just hotteer for women to do it
Bruin7089: I agree


Anonymous said...

Who has time to masturbate anymore?!

Wayne said...

Students aiming for a C grade.