Thursday, November 18, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

cuyaz: Here is the test. RIGHT NOW, knowing what you about her and the U, if both wanted you to take them out, who would you take out
Bruin7089: huh
Bruin7089: well the U is so hot
Bruin7089: but i know that i get along with ********
cuyaz: So who would you pick
Bruin7089: probably the U
cuyaz: This ain't brain surgery
Bruin7089: I picked
cuyaz: Well then, there ya go
Bruin7089: There I go where?
cuyaz: That is your answer
cuyaz: You don't really want to date ********
Bruin7089: That's a shitty answer
cuyaz: And if you did date her you would be settling
Bruin7089: good point
cuyaz: And settling is never good
Bruin7089: so no settling
Bruin7089: ok
cuyaz: No, never settle
Bruin7089: well shit
Bruin7089: I'm sure if i compare the U to someone else
Bruin7089: I might not pick the U
Bruin7089: so would that be settling for theU?
Bruin7089: so no dating the U?
cuyaz: Well you gotta draw the line somewhere
cuyaz: You could always find some super star
Bruin7089: Well why not back to where I should be dating ********?
cuyaz: Do you think that is where you should be?
Bruin7089: why not draw the line there?
Bruin7089: that's what i can't figure out
cuyaz: Why is it hard to figure out
Bruin7089: Because I don't know if I would be settling or not
Bruin7089: Or in other words
Bruin7089: I don't know how well I could do.
cuyaz: I think if you even think you are settling then it is not going to work
cuyaz: No one does
Bruin7089: So?
Bruin7089: Where does that leave me
cuyaz: What do you want out of it
cuyaz: Do you want a friendship, or do you want to take the chance on it being something else
Bruin7089: I don't know if I want it out of it
Bruin7089: Obviously I'm always looking for that something else.
Bruin7089: And that's what I would always want.
cuyaz: So then pursue it
Bruin7089: but you can say that about me and any girl then
Bruin7089: Should I be pursuing it with every girl?
Bruin7089: Maybe that's the way to go.

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