Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm Going Going Back Back to Colorado!

Here is a recap of my weekend in Colorado. It started out with an early morning wake up call at 5 am. It was weird, 5 am does exist, it is not just some mythical time made up by senior citizens. The plane ride next to the most annoying man ever. He sat down, whipped out a neck brace and tells me "I am going to have to get up a lot during this flight, just wanted to let you know." I say okay, and then pretend to sleep the entire rest of the flight so he can't get up. [What an ass! -- Ed.] Later that night I went out with my friends from Denver and things got a little out of hand. After a lot of drinking, a few drunken text messages, and a drunk phone call (sorry about all of that!) I stumbled home at 4. [Why did I only get a drunken text and not a drunken call? Is our relationship not worth a drunk call? -- Ed.] The night also included weird episodes with my best girl friend. [Details bitch! Give us the details! We want to know just how kinky weird those episodes were -- Ed.] The next morning my dad wakes me up at 10 to help him with the Christmas lights. Needless to say, still drunk at this point. Family came over for Thanksgiving and that was all fine and dandy. After stuffing myself with turkey and all the fixins I went to see National Treasure (Pretty good movie). On Friday we went out again and I got to see a friend from college, who looks surprisingly a lot like the U. [Lay off the U - and all lookalikes for that matter - they're mine, all mine. -- Ed.] Saturday night was another night of drinking. So basically my weekend home was consumed with large amounts of drinking, a few embarassing text messages and phone calls, lots of eating, and spending time with the fam. Coming back to CA was bitter sweet. I loved being back here, but the weekend in CO made me realize what I miss about it. [Hot white chicks? -- Ed.] Ahhhh TEAR!

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