Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Go Trojans!

Ha, wayne, how do you like that as a blog title?! [Needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyway, I don't.]

So as I got to Con Law today, I found my seat occupied by a little stuffed teddy bear wearing a blue vest with "UCLA" on it. At first I thought it was amusing since wayne is such the bruin fan. However, wayne, being the mature law student he is [I never have nor will I ever make the representation that I am a mature anything. -- Ed.] proceeded to hit me on the head with the bear [First of all, it's a bruin, bears are from Berkeley, bruins are from UCLA. Second, Trini fails to mention her preceding abuse of the bruin wherein she choked the bruin, squished the bruin, and twisted the bruin's head as if to decapitate it and her succeeding tossing of the bruin to a backseat. -- Ed.] and make the bear do the UCLA 8 clap, all in the midst of Korematsu. [It was actually during the Cleburn case, but Trini just likes to say Korematsu.] Given that it's the last week of classes and I feel the need to absorb these last few lectures, the whole school spirit thing got really old, really fast.

It is officially on, wayne.

UCLA sucks.

Fight On!

[The opinions endorsed in this post are those of the author herself and only of the deluded mind of the author herself and not of any of the other contributors to this blog with the possible exceptions of Bunny (another damn Bruin hater) and Deli77 (her fiance).]

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USCtrins said...

Awww, wayne, you make me laugh.