Friday, December 10, 2010

Random AIM Conversation

bruin7089 4:54 pm
(4:54:05 PM):     
somebody hacked into my account
(4:54:21 PM):     
so if you get any weird homosexual messages from my gmail
(4:54:22 PM):     
(4:54:24 PM):     
wasn't me
(4:54:26 PM):     
(4:54:58 PM):     
it's actually probably that sale mail thing you sent me
yazzie 4:58 pm
(4:58:21 PM):     That''s a legit thing
(4:58:29 PM):     I need three more people before I get my gift card
bruin7089 4:58 pm
(4:58:37 PM):     
how much is the gift card?
 (4:58:55 PM):     i just want to know how much you pimped out your friends for
yazzie 4:58 pm
(4:58:58 PM):     10 bucks
bruin7089 4:59 pm
(4:59:02 PM):     
yazzie 4:59 pm
(4:59:05 PM):     1 dollar per friend