Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random AIM Conversation

yazzie (4:26:01 PM): See I can never tell when you are being sarcastic and when you are being serious
Bruin7089 (4:26:14 PM): i was being serious there
yazzie (4:27:03 PM): We need to invent a sarcastic font
Bruin7089 (4:27:32 PM): Somebody tried something like that.
Bruin7089 (4:27:41 PM): IT was more of a sarcastic punctuation
Bruin7089 (4:27:58 PM): If I remember right it was an upside down exclamation point.
yazzie (4:28:08 PM): Didnt catch on eh
yazzie (4:28:17 PM): yeah but that requires another button on the keyboard
Bruin7089 (4:28:24 PM): do you know how to type an upside down exclmation point?
Bruin7089 (4:28:27 PM): excatly
Bruin7089 (4:29:45 PM): I bet whatever font you come up with though will totally catch on¡
yazzie (4:30:00 PM): Jerk