Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random AIM Conversation

yaz: What if everytime I find her, she has a dude?
Bruin7089: then she's not being very nice to you is she?
Bruin7089: you want hot and nice
yaz: Well then maybe we wont find any then
yaz: Good girls our age, TAKEN
yaz: there is a reason they are in a relationship
Bruin7089: same reason we're not in one?
yaz: NO
yaz: They are in relationships because they are the good catch
yaz: Hmmm maybe that does say something about us
Bruin7089: Is it that everyone worth having is taken by their mid-20s?
yaz: so I guess we are not worth having
yaz: Well, I go kill self now
Bruin7089: So sad.
Bruin7089: I guess we do have to settle.
yaz: Great
yaz: Bitches and ugly chicks
yaz: Not that I would complain


Nivicus said...

Christ on a stick, fellas. Please, curb your enthusiasm for life. Fuck this bullshit. You'd be surprised how many girls not worth having suddenly become worth having when they wake up one day and finally realize, "Hey, this asshole next to me is... an asshole... hmmm" At least that's what I'm banking on, and so should y'all. 'Til then, fucking study.

actionfong said...

Solution: Asian girls. or robots.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Asian girls just really dumb robots?
-Can you Guess?

Macy aka Stummy said...

No settling guys. You are both too great to just settle. First things first, not all great girls are taken and not all the taken ones are great -- we all know our fair share of the latter, myself included.:) Which therefore follows that... just because you guys are both single does not mean that you're not great, cuz you are. I love you both to death, and as "anticlimatic," as Brandy put it, as graduation was -- you guys were one of the many highlights of lawschool. Until Vegas-- study, bitches! :P