Monday, June 12, 2006

Random AIM Conversation

yaz: Meet any nice baristas today?
Bruin7089: they're all nice
Bruin7089: not nice looking
Bruin7089: but nice personality
yaz: That is what you need
Bruin7089: what?
yaz: You need an ugly nice chick
yaz: You need to let up on these high standards of yours
Bruin7089: what if
Bruin7089: i let up on the personality standards
Bruin7089: but keep the physical attractive standards high?
yaz: No
yaz: wont work
yaz: That is too backwards
Bruin7089: isn't it harder to find a nice girl than a nice looking one?
yaz: No
yaz: It is hard to fine a nice girl who is good looking
Bruin7089: true
yaz: Usually ugly girls are nice because they cant rely on their looks
Bruin7089: are they also really good in bed because of that?
yaz: I wouldnt know
Bruin7089: well i'm asking because i don't know either

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you boys are too sweet to not end up with nice chicks who also make you hot in the pants. go for both, otherwise, be forever window shopping.