Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beethoven's Third I Think

So everyone was up at the second floor of Westmoreland last night and by everyone I mean all of ITAP plus one filipino and a few strangers here and there. And those fuckers from ITAP were loud and noisy as they prepared for their final mock trial, which is fine by me since I know there are better places than the second floor of Westmoreland for peace and quiet to study, especially when ITAP is around. Of course, one law student, actually studying for finals, took exception and put on her headphones to listen to some classical music. I, nor anyone else, would have noticed except that she had plugged in her headphones into the microphone jack rather than the appropriate headphone jack. For a while, the serious and obviously cultured law student didn't notice her mistake and only turned the volume up higher and higher on her laptop probably wondering what was wrong with either the audio on her laptop, her headphones, or wondering just how loud those fuckers from ITAP can be. It wasn't until her music filled the second floor and everyone else quieted down to get a sense of where that music was coming from that she finally realized her mistake.

Anyway, Brian could hardly contain himself and shared that he did something similar once with this song - be sure to turn your volume way up to have the same effect his sleeping roommate had.

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