Thursday, May 04, 2006

All The Changes Make Me Feel Old

So instead of focusing on this paper due tomorrow, I've been thinking about the days gone by at Southwestern and how much has changed over that time.
  • I remember back when you had to earn your C+'s at Southwestern, nowadays they're giving away B's like everyone is a 3L in a class of less than 20.
  • I remember back when you had to play spider solitaire to pass away the time in class, nowadays you can go online wirelessly from any classroom and check MySpace.
  • I remember back when there were no benches, patio furniture, grass, or donated bricks in the promenade, we actually had to sit our asses on asphalt if we wanted to sit out in the promenade.
  • I remember back when the corner taco stand had a grade of “C”, now they’re an “A” showing that the new grading curve at Southwestern could have been better still.
  • I remember back when the food from the corner taco stand was pretty tasty.
  • I remember back when the Awards Banquet for the honors programs was referred to as "prom", nowadays there's also a Barrister's Ball which has become the actual law school prom.
  • I remember back when the doughnuts at the vending machine were going for a dollar, nowadays they're $1.25.
  • I remember back when you didn't have to pay for a side of salad dressing at the Tea Room.
  • I remember back when you could download onto your computer past exams, nowadays it’s copy and paste and the formatting is all eff’d up.
The one constant since the beginning to this day? The crappiness of this blog. It’s never been about quality, it used to be about quantity, now it’s just about being consistently crappy. Nothing like staying regular I suppose.


Dominikimchee said...

yes, for the past year your blog has tended to keep me regular.

Roonie said...

Those first two could've been describing Syracuse. How weird.