Friday, December 16, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

Angelsong: i am so over school
Bruin7089: mhm
Bruin7089: i'm not
Bruin7089: i'm over taking exams
Bruin7089: but i'm going to miss seeing people on a regular basis
Bruin7089: the whole bittersweet thing
Angelsong: vwey bittersweet
Bruin7089: i don't know
Angelsong: its a love hate relationship
Bruin7089: as much as there is to hate about law school
Angelsong: are you going to get all mushy on me?
Bruin7089: there's enough about it that i like
Bruin7089: where i'm going to miss it
Angelsong: i'm going to miss the fact that i won't be in school anymore
Angelsong: whose idea was it that when you leave school you're supposed to enter the real world?
Angelsong: it's preposterous if you ask me
Bruin7089: haha
Bruin7089: i don't mind the real world
Angelsong: are you kidding me?!
Angelsong: there's no "shelter" in the real world
Bruin7089: i just wish you didn't have to leave so miuch behind to enter it
Angelsong: it's scary
Angelsong: and mean
Angelsong: and crap
Angelsong: and the smog!
Bruin7089: fuck yeah
Bruin7089: that's what i like about it
Angelsong: well then it'll be perfect for you
Bruin7089: remember
Bruin7089: it's people like me that make it scary
Bruin7089: mean
Bruin7089: crappy
Bruin7089: and when i'm driving
Bruin7089: smoggy
Angelsong: yeah and its people like me regualte you people for it
Angelsong: :-D
Bruin7089: oh please
Bruin7089: let's not perpetuate myths
Angelsong: what myth? i've done it well for 3 years and in heels
Angelsong: :-D
Bruin7089: regulate my ass
Angelsong: no honey
Angelsong: your moth
Angelsong: *mouth
Bruin7089: haha
Angelsong: not your ass
Angelsong: i prefer not to go there
Angelsong: i'm hungry
Bruin7089: so go eat
Angelsong: i'm craving palabok
Bruin7089: jesus
Bruin7089: i ain't cooking for you
Angelsong: what?
Angelsong: why not?!
Angelsong: oh oh
Angelsong: does that mean you know how to make it?!
Bruin7089: ummm
Bruin7089: no
Angelsong: you do!!!
Bruin7089: but i did get a new slow cooker
Angelsong: for what?
Bruin7089: so if you want a nice brisket
Angelsong: oooh
Angelsong: brisket and palabok
Angelsong: sounds disgusting enough to work
Bruin7089: i don't know you
Bruin7089: that does not work
Bruin7089: every good filipino
Bruin7089: knows
Angelsong: no no no ....
Bruin7089: that palabok only goes well with dog
Angelsong: 1) i'm not filipino let alone a good one
Bruin7089: well that's obvious

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