Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Inter Alia Family Update Letter: Nutshell Version

Dear bitches all,

We hope your holidays are being well spent with Jack, Jose, Mr. Smirnoff and the Captain family and friends. We also sincerely wish that this letter finds you fuckers all in good spirits, at least better than the ones stricken from the record, and in good health. It has been quite the year for those involved in the production of this third-tier blog but before we get into that allow us to thank all of you masochistic asshats fine readers for torturing yourselves by reading this insipid drivel fine - but not as fine as you our readers - online publication.

We'll start with USCtrins. It looks like she's revisiting and perhaps revising a statement she made. The quick turnaround made possible by a man with the government name of Athenaius - he goes by another name of course, of which I and Brian refuse to call him by of course. Sticking with the female influences of this blog, after a bit of a search, Bunny got herself a new place and moved way, way, way over across the street from her old place. Her sister by the way, is dating a man whom I infer has the middle initial of "P." Am I wrong Bunny? On to Sean, whom I think is working now though I'm not sure because either I'm that bad of a friend, which is a given, or because - more likely, in addition to me being a bad friend - he got sucked into MySpace and is forever lost. It happens. Now not much has happened to Deli77 this year - not much I can reference without getting into trouble anyway - but he did find himself a new celebrity and color to obsess over and that's as good an end to a year as any. As for yours truly, the highlight of my year came when I sporked my first Frito Pie. That alone made for all of the shortcomings of the year.

And that, in a nutshell, concludes the year for the Inter Alia family. We all hope you had a better year than we did and that you were able to stay well-fed, dry, healthy and not dead like the Pope. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

With much love until you file a harassment claim,
The Inter Alia Family


E. McPan said...

Frito Pie was easily the highlight of the year, hands down. You always remember your first (or so they say).

shell said...

The Inter Alia family is growing bigger and bigger everytime I come visit (sans Bloglines clipping)...

Roonie said...

Well, tell Trini I said hi, at least. And Rolando, too. She knows us both. We're friends of Rina's.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Atheneus. Also, don't forget about your own venture onto myspace, wayne. There all you wayne lovers can catch a glimpse of this elusive blog writer.

- trini