Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mark The Date

I am no longer a Frito Pie virgin. The chili had no beans and I forgot the onions but did manage to top it with sour cream and cheese, however, I also had it in a bowl and not in an individual sized bag - couldn't find them at my grocery store and I wasn't about to eat 8 servings in one sitting. It was still good though, I mean really good. So good that I'll probably celebrate June 4 as an anniversary from now on. Actually it deserves better than that.

I propose that the first Monday after the first Friday of June be celebrated as National Frito Pie Day. How to celebrate what is sure to become over time a most popular three day weekend extravaganza event? By eating a Frito Pie of course and wishing everyone you meet that day a Happy Frito Pie Day! - parades are optional but going down on your partner is highly recommended (that last part probably has nothing to do with Frito Pie but I want it to be a really, really happy day). If you can't eat a Frito Pie - say you're allergic to gluten or something - then you can either still eat a Frito Pie and risk death or just make it for friends and family - your choice. So be sure to take this coming Monday June 6 - it's the first Monday after the first Friday in June this year - off and have yourself a Frito Pie in celebration of the inaugural National (it's not International because I hate the French) Frito Pie Day.

That's how much I love Frito Pie - actually, 1) I have a lot of leftover chili, 2) I am looking for an excuse to have it for three straight days and 3) I don't want to post tomorrow or Monday*.

So go spread the word already by mass email, telephone calls, voicemail, posting to your blog whatever. As extra incentive to get you to spread the word, if you should get at least one person - be it either yourself or someone else - to have a Frito Pie on Monday, you may consider yourself an honorary founding father/mother of National Frito Pie Day. Just be sure to leave me a comment so I can officially recognize you as such - and yes, I am comment whoring myself.

*To honor National Frito Pie Day, I'll be taking the rest of National Frito Pie Day Weekend off from posting.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm... Frito Pie.

E. McPan said...

You always remember your first. /wipes away a tear and sniffles

Fitz-Hume said...

So it lived up to the hype, huh? That's a rare occurence.

Welcome to the club Wayne!

Frolics and Detours said...

Sounds like I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow night.

biff said...

I've had a frito sandwich before. Not good.

E. McPan said...

Um, why the hell would anyone want to spoil Frito Pie with bread? Or was it just a sandwich with Fritos inside? Because that can be good, but generally only on a burger. With beans and guacamole too. Salsa optional. MMMMMMMM, reflux.