Thursday, December 01, 2005

The CA Moral Application Form

Also, here's a listing of locations in LA to get your fingerprints taken by Live Scan.

And if you're unsure of when you need to have your Moral Character Determination Application form completed, there's this little tidbit:
[A]ll applicants are encouraged to file at least 8 to 10 months prior to the date they wish to be admitted to practice law in California.


Anonymous said...

They are also raising the prices on January 1, 2006, so get it done before then!

Anonymous said...

my understanding is that if you are taking the July 06 bar, the new prices apply to you. Just in case, I sent the new amount. I suggest doing that as well so as not to delay the processing of your moral character application.

Anonymous said...

I sent in my app a few months ago paying the old fee. It was fine. They started investigating. So, you pay the old fee until January 1, 2006, but we pay new fee to register for bar exam.