Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Remedies Final

  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions

  • 1 Essay Question

  • The two parts are weighted equally

  • Both parts will be given at the same time

  • Three hour time limit

  • Expects that the multiple choice section should take an hour and no more than an hour and a half

  • At least one multiple choice question from each of the covered chapters

  • Essay question will have at least 6 issues and no more than 10

  • Gives 10 points for each issue discussed really well

  • 5 points for each issue discussed halfway decent

  • 0 points for not having a clue about an issue


shell said...

Doesn't seem to bad. How long is the fact pattern?

Next semester, two of my profs are rumored to be difficult graders (fact pattern runs up to 27 pages).

Wayne said...

Don't know how long the fact pattern is but usually the essay fact patterns run anywhere from a couple of pages to four.