Sunday, November 06, 2005

Random AIM Conversation

Bruin7089: Find the hottest woman there
yaz: I am not into "hot" anymore
Bruin7089: who says hot women cant have a great personality?
yaz: They can, but now I look for personality first
Bruin7089: Ok
Bruin7089: But how do you "see" personality first?
yaz: You dont, you gotta get to know them
Bruin7089: So you're going to get to know everyone first?
Bruin7089: Hotties and uglies alike?
yaz: Umm yeah
yaz: Not ugglies
Bruin7089: so um
Bruin7089: You're going to get to know the hotties and the not so hotties but still not uglies?
yaz: Yeah, I dont know how this is going to work out, havent really thought it out as you can see
yaz: Yeah that sounds good
Bruin7089: so basically
Bruin7089: you've just lowered your physical standards?
yaz: No
yaz: Just raised my personality standards
Bruin7089: oooooh
Bruin7089: yeah
yaz: SEe, that is good shit
Bruin7089: this is sooooooo going to work out
yaz: I sense sarcasim
Bruin7089: so basically you get to know the girl first and only date those with a great personality?
yaz: yes
Bruin7089: so you haven't really discarded the physical attractiveness part
Bruin7089: it's just not the sole or controlling consideration?
yaz: No, but I might sacrifice some looks for a really great personality

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Anonymous said...

"Oh god she's got such a hot a....titude."