Monday, November 07, 2005

Blogging The Firm Life

"It's easy to get depressed, burnt out, and close to the breaking point where the six-figure salary and fancy business card just aren't all that glamorous anymore."

OPINIONISTAS will not be a six-figure lawyer much longer.

During the past seven months, Opinionistas, who is 27, has anonymously published a Web log detailing the inner workings of life at large New York law firms: the internal struggles for power, the toll on personal lives, the obsession with billable hours. Her unrelenting description of the mental and physical excesses of life in the hold of these legal behemoths has made compulsive reading for fellow lawyers and prospective law students, some of whom have been put off the profession.

But for O, as she calls herself on the blog, the days of anonymity are drawing to a close. Lately, her e-mail inbox has started to fill with messages threatening to unmask her. The blog is about to betray its owner.

I imagine that it's much easier to blog about something that you can bitch about so it's not that hard to find blogs about hating big firm life. But there's got to be a few blogs out there among the very many that blog about the enjoyment of working for a big firm. Anyone know of one?

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Jack Roy said...

No such thing. Anonymous Lawyer pretended to think the money was worth it; that's about as close as you're going to get.