Sunday, October 30, 2005

Somebody Doesn't Listen To Diddy

According to authorities, Earl Devine's $100 bills were printed with Abraham Lincoln's face, instead of Benjamin Franklin's.

Despite this visual error, Devine's bogus bills fooled several establishments around Lafayette, Indiana -- with one exception.

According to the newspaper The Journal & Courier, an eagle-eyed bartender who received a $100 bill from the 22-year-old man immediately became suspicious of the note's look and texture and contacted police. Devine fled the scene but was arrested shortly afterward.

Detectives called the bills "excellent fakes" in spite of other errors, such as red and blue dots that suggested the bill was printed from an inkjet printer, the report said.

Excellent fakes in spite of those errors? Isn't that akin to saying that naked I look like the most beautiful girl in spite of my penis? Uhhh....

Certain statements have been stricken from this post and you are instructed to completely disregard that which was stricken.

Anyway, it sounds like the detectives are trying to get with the Secret Service.

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Blonde Justice said...

It's all about the Benjamins, baby.