Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An Etiquette Question

Say you celebrated someone's birthday on a date before the actual birthday for the sake of convenience. For example, you celebrate during the weekend before with the actual birthday falling on the following Tuesday. Do you then have to say happy birthday to that person on Tuesday too after saying it already on Saturday?

If so, a belated happy 25th to Yazzie who received vodka and porn as gifts this year.


Anonymous said...

Yes you do, and you didn't. People I saw on Friday who said happy birthday to me then and even signed a card for me still said happy birthday on Monday. They must be the really nice people. You are a jerk and I am a birthday diva, haha.

Anonymous said...

I just realized this too, you don't even know my birthday. It was MONDAY not TUESDAY. what an ass.
-Brian, again.

Frolics and Detours said...

Yes you do. It's not exactly difficult.

Wayne said...

I knew it was Monday hence the "belated" part. Don't make such a literal application of what was only a hypo.

-Wayne, one time.

shell said...

Sure, why not? It only takes you 1 second to say it again.