Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Computer-Assisted Litigation Midterm #1

Professor Galves said he wanted it to be called a quiz but that the Registrar's office insisted that it be called a midterm. He also told us that it shouldn't take more than an hour and fifteen minutes but that we would be alloted two hours. It was also open book and open notes. So it was such that the professor led the class to believe that the test would be a cakewalk - as an aside, does anyone happen to know or care to hazard a guess as to how the term "cakewalk" originated?

DAMN. Whatever the antonym of cakewalk is that's what this test was.

Also, what the fuck?! As stated earlier, it felt like the class was a thinly veiled attempt to pitch us software products. Now, judging from the first essay question on the exam, it seems like we've progressed far enough into the class so that we're expected to be able to sell these products ourselves.


Anonymous said...

When I first started reading the multiple choice questions, I tried to keep from laughing out loud. Now I don't blame a professor when he asks tough questions, but I do blame them when they ask obscure crap that we never came close to covering in class. At the 5 minute call, I hadn't even turned the page to see the essay. Hour and 15 minutes my ass.

I hate Computer Assisted Litigation.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod, that damn test was impossible! Hour and fifteen minutes? That was a three or four hour test! How is it that the "short answers" were longer than the essays??? Damn him, damn him to Casemap hell!