Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Week In SWLAW Blogs*

Seriously, I agree, I hate having to become a member just to leave comments on someone's blog but what I detest even more are people who complain about it on Xanga. Hmmm... I wonder why?

Now this post reminds me of why I said this was the greatest invention of 2004. But as long as you didn't serenade him Brandy, you should be fine.

Congratulations Chris - a 112 is 12 points above the average and 21 points higher than I scored - and Macy! And to everyone else who passed! To those who didn't pass the first time... you've got one more shot at it until you've officially RT'd the MPRE.

For those who can't decide what to watch this tv season, there are plenty of reviews here. Though I personally can't vouch for the opinions of someone who hates all reality tv. In the same vein, I wonder what he thinks about Laguna Beach.

Tom Mesereau of Jacko fame graced us with his eminent presence last Wednesday at SWLAW. Here are differing takes on that visit.

Also, last week was the mentor/mentee reception. As for it being a pretext for something else, let me merely say that I'm dissatisfied with the service especially considering my preferrences.

When the hell am I going to win this prestigious honor? Really, I should have been the first honoree.

And to end this brand new weekly feature, I give you a newly discovered SWLAW blog by a 1L.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention a blog so here it is without any of the banal commentary attached.

*(Yet another co-opted idea.)


shell said...

Congratulations on passing the exam!!! :)

Wayne said...

Thank you.

Jennifer said...

I still can't take the exam... grrrr... and my reviews are even more trustworthy because I don't watch reality TV!!!