Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Model Rule 6.1 Comment 8

Paragraph (b)(3) recognizes the value of lawyers engaging in activities that improve the law, the legal system or the legal profession. Serving on bar association committees, serving on boards of pro bono or legal services programs, taking part in Law Day activities, acting as a continuing legal...

Hold up... Law Day?! Is the ABA just making things up to confuse us MPRE takers? I'm afraid not. Though it appears that it is more of a pseudo holiday than Valentine's Day.
May 1—Law Day

Sunday, May 1, is the official date, but Law Day can be observed on any date, traditionally in April or May. In fact, Law Day observances can extend over several days, weeks, or even year-round. When will your event and celebration occur?

Ummmmm... yeah... so Law Day is a day without a day. Whatever.

So anyway, I declare today, of all days, to be Law Day - one of several that I intend to declare throughout the year. In the spirit of the holiday and public service in general - in conformity with Rule 6.1 - I say that everyone should take the day off from studying for the MPRE and just think, in very general terms, about how the law could better serve the public.

I hope this goes better than Frito Pie Day.

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