Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Wish There Was A Model Rule That Could Have Guided Me On This Decision

A professional dilemma posed in the MPRE couldn't be harder than the one posed to me by Macy. Tickets and clubhouse passes to tonight's game or study for the MPRE? I better pass the MPRE or I'll be kicking myself.


Anonymous said...

You chose studying over the game??? You must be nuts!

shell said...

Good luck on the MPRE!

BTW, is it a requirement to take the MPRE after the first year? Or is it easier to take it now rather than later?

Wayne said...

Most people at SWLAW take it after their second year. During second year we take a required course called Legal Profession which supposedly prepares us for the MPRE.

You can also take it after taking the Bar I suppose but most people want the Bar to be the last law exam they ever take.