Friday, July 29, 2005

Still Scheduling Next Year

Well I finally got into Civil Practice with Prof. Parrish after having been put on the waitlist. I have a feeling thought that this is a "be careful what you wish for" situation. I'm expecting that that class is going to be a lot of work but with Prof. Parrish, I know that I'll at least learn something.

Also, I'm thinking about dropping out of ADR and switching to Immigration Law for the fall. It would save me a day at school and I think I could find some work in immigration after school. But ADR is kind of like the new trend for the way disputes are resolved so that class might be useful.


shell said...

Your school offers the option of waitlisting for certain professors? Is this limited to 2L & 3L elective courses?

I saw my schedule yesterday and (against my better judgement) looked the profs up on It looks like most of my professors are difficult but interesting, with the exception of one which all students referred as a show-off.

Garh... I would like to switch that one class, please.

Anonymous said...

Parrish is one of the best profs at Southwestern. You'll enjoy his class.

Snubligent said...

As an aspiring litigator, I have a visceral hatred for ADR.

Yay immigration law!

Ali said...

Immigration Law as a class really isn't that useful. It's better just to dive right in somewhere that does immigration because in the class all they teach you is the statutory interpretation and whatnot, which has nothing at all to do with the day to day workings of an immigration legal service. And, it's a really boring class. I'd stay stick with ADR, it'll serve you better in the future.