Monday, July 04, 2005

Ladderin' Up The Beauties Of Beauty And The Geek

The WB ran a Beauty and the Geek marathon today and I was able to catch the last four of the first five episodes. If you want detailed episode guides with commentary, you can get them here, here, here, here, and here courtesy of Blonde Justice. All I want to do with this post is ladder up the ladies of the show and say that Lauren is so, so, soooooooo hot. Like get the milk and bread out, she's so hot. She rates like a high 7 or somewhere in the low 8s.

Lauren (so hot)
Caitilin (kinda hot)
Mindi (really, really cute, which gets her a 6.7)
Cheryl (potentially the hottest girl on the show)
Scarlet (looked good sometimes, not so good at others)
Erica (eh, I'd rate her a 5)
Krystal (can you say butter face?)

A few things have to be said. First, I didn't see the first episode where Cheryl makes her only appearance, but she looks pretty hot in the picture in the link provided and probably deserves to be ranked higher but won't be until I see confirmation in a rerun of that episode. Second, a lot of the girls look better on the tv than the pic they have up on the site. Third, my rating system is on a scale of 10 which is slightly at odds with the graphical representation of the ladder theory.

Basically, I'd actively like to eff' anyone rating 5 and up, 4's I'd eff' drunk and admit to, 3's I would eff' drunk and not admit to, 2's are the coyote ugly, and 1's are girls I just can't even look at.


shell said...

What are you going to do now that Lauren's eliminated?

Anonymous said...

Here is my take on this wonderful show. You have the first two right. They were the hottest and actually seemed to be the nicest. Scarlett lost some points with me because she was a huge bitch. Can't wait for season two and I am pulling for Caitlin to win, haha.

Wayne said...

I'll do what I always do after being sadly disappointed... I'll add to my tear stained pillow.

If I only got the first two right, how would anonymous stack up the remaining contestants?

Anonymous said...

The last one is NOT a butterface. The one you think is the hottest is, in actuality, UG-LAY! What's wrong with you, Wayne? Come ON! Blonde doth not equal beauty!

Blonde Justice said...

It's not about blonde or not. (He rated Caitalin second and she's brunette.) But Krystal did look like a man in drag, didn't he? Ooops, I mean, she.