Thursday, May 26, 2005

Any Suggestions?

It's the summer after 2L and naturally I'm thinking of taking the August MPRE. Now I've heard of people taking it cold and passing it and of others who had to take it multiple times for the same result. So how should I study for this thing or should I even bother? Was taking Legal Professions enough? Would reading the Model Rules be enough? Should I sign up for a course on the MPRE? Anyone?

UPDATE: Has anyone taken this free online course for the MPRE? If so, how is it?

Also, I hear studying off of these is enough. Anyone else try that approach?


Alison said...

I'm going to have to vote in the affirmative on this one. Granted, you may be able to pass it without, but do you really want to risk it and then have to pay for the class the second time around, plus all the registration fees to take the MPRE again? I say suck it up, shell out the dough and have no doubt that you'll pass it the first time.

Wayne said...

Thanks for the advice Alison. If I were the cautious type that would make a lot of sense. But what if I really study the rules myself for a couple of weeks, wouldn't that be good enough?

Frolics and Detours said...

I took the Barbri review course and then just studied their outlines and I passed w/ flying colors. I would much rather pay $50 now for the review course than another $50 later to retake the MPRE!