Friday, February 11, 2005

What My Friend Has To Say About Me

From Macy:
Wayne is THE guy to go to if you ever have a nasty secret you want spread across campus by the end of the day, want to challenge someone to an obsene dare and actually see it come to fruition, want to leave some girl's ass red w/ his handprint, want someone to tell you all your flaws and laugh about it or want someone to remind you that you're a "hoity toity spoiled British bitch" or just want someone to make you laugh up a storm. In all honesty, Wayne is one in a million. A true friend who will drop all that he's doing to engage in witty republican banter, insult you (hence the "bitch") and most likely your alma mater (especially if it's USC), keep your mind distracted from all that is evil and disappointing (specifically, studying for Con Law finals) and make you laugh when you need it most -- not so much because what he has to say is oh-so-comical, but rather that this guy has THE most contagious laugh and anyone in his company cannot help but join him. Experien

So Macy got cut off by Friendster there at the end. But knowing Stummy as well as I do I can safely assume - that and because I never intend to ever see her boyfriend Drew again - she meant to finish off her testimonial by saying, "Experiencing kinky, wild sex with Wayne is the greatest thrill a hoity toity spoiled British bitch - or any woman for that matter - can EVER have in her life." Honestly, that's what she was trying to say.

And I take it for the compliment it was intended to be.

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