Monday, December 27, 2004

What's The Point?

Time has the 10 Things They Learned About Blogs.
  1. Blogging Can Get You Fired
  2. Bloggers Get Scoops Too
  3. Bloggers Keep News Alive
  4. Bloggers Can Be Titillating
  5. Bloggers Can Be Fakers
  6. Bloggers Make Money
  7. Most Bloggers Are Women
  8. Candidates Love Blogs
  9. Pets Have Blogs Too
  10. Anyone Can Do It
Yup, that's ten things. Unfortunately, Blogging Can Get You Laid didn't make the top ten. Makes me wonder if I want to keep this blogging thing going on for another year.

1 comment:

Kay said...

I find Time doesn't spend much of its resources on figuring out how to get laid. So it could be in there and just went over their heads. At least I'm hoping so.

And why do so many of you damn law students follow The Hot Librarian? I spend most of my time avoiding lawyers. I'm just going to have to stop following her links.