Sunday, December 12, 2004

Silver Lining

I have always been a person who always looks for the silver lining in all situations no matter how bad they are. After taking the Con Law exam, I had a hard time finding the silver lining, until now. So to all those who think they failed the final, myself included, here ya go. If you fail a class you have to take it again. Sounds pretty bad right? But have you seen the first years this year? Not so bad now, eh? So there ya go, you get to repeat the class with better looking women and you will be the "smart" one who has already taken the class and everyone comes to for help. So BRAVO to all of us who failed the exam!


Wayne said...

Good point. I sure hope I failed that class now.

Anonymous said...

All you guys do is bitch about how ugly the 2Ls are. No wonder you are not getting any (from the 2Ls or the 1Ls)!!