Saturday, December 18, 2004

Because We Californians Value Money Differently Than New Yorkers

New York-based firms have gotten into the holiday spirit, rushing to hand associates fat across-the-board bonuses. But Bay Area-based firms don't seem to be in any rush to match them -- at least, not yet.

Morrison & Foerster's Keith Wetmore said that his firm will take its time to decide compensation for its New York offices. But he said New York firms have historically handled compensation differently than their California counterparts.

Pillsbury Winthrop Managing Partner Marina Park also said the firm pays "market" in its New York office. But she added that other factors might be influencing the New York players in their decisions, including attrition at some of the firms, and she downplayed the effect the bonuses might have in California.
Really... with all the sun, the surf, and the beautiful women in bikinis who needs more money? Not this Californian.

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