Wednesday, December 22, 2004

An Addendum

I'm adding to this list (if you're too lazy of a "duckes" (and if you're too lazy to click on that link (and don't you just hate parentheticals within parentheticals) you won't get that inside joke) to click on that link it's about a SBA t-shirt idea that would include on the back a list of reasons for "Why We Love Attending SWLAW" or some similar heading).
  1. Our campus is handicap accessible (i.e., it's rollie-user friendly - not talking about the people in wheelchairs).
  2. So long as you don't get caught, the professors here don't care if you play games on your laptop - just remember to lower those blinds if you're in room W423.
  3. Some SWLAW first years become 2Ls and some 2Ls become 3Ls and some 3Ls graduate - it does actually happen like that at our school.
  4. SWLAW allows you to have one bad semester - use it wisely.
  5. The classrooms and the library are kept really cold (see #12 or #13).
  6. We have not one, but two water fountains (i.e., no line to wait in to drown yourself).
  7. SWLAW is close enough to Loyola that when out in the nearby area with books in tow we can say we attend that law school instead if anyone asks.
  8. There are internet ports in the classrooms that don't work, constantly reminding us how lucky we are (but do we really need to be reminded in such manner when we have these shirts?) to have a school that cares so much about their students learning during class that they removed all potential distractions. Really... lucky us.
  9. Lots of potential customers in the surrounding area of the campus for those interested in Criminal law.
  10. Our school is safe - all the windows are locked shut so you can't jump fall out.
  11. Two words: 1) chicken 2) chipotle 3) wrap. Yum.
  12. Thinking ahead and/or counting not that important at SWLAW.
  13. We got these t-shirts in sheer white, size XXS for the ladies.
  14. Our library is so beautiful it makes people cry.
  15. It eventually ends.

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