Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A List

So the SBA has decided to sell t-shirts with a Top Ten Reasons To Go To SWLAW, or something like that, on the back. Here are a few suggestions.
  1. Some of our graduates pass the Bar.
  2. Close proximity to the corner taco shack and many toilet stalls on campus for afterwards.
  3. The grading curve... wrong list... nevermind.
  4. Our library is an award winning historic preservation landmark. Everyone else's library is just a piece of shit, especially Loyola's.
  5. Johnnie Cochran went to that other law school.
  6. Low academic admissions standards = really hot 1Ls... sometimes... every other year... on a good year... when the stars and the moons align correctly.
  7. We spell contract with a K and only a K. Other law schools do the same too but this is not about them so eff' 'em.
  8. Tea room is much easier to spell than kafeetearia and way more hoity toity cooler to say as well.
  9. Esteemed professors Tribe, Dershowitz, and Fried... wait that's Harvard... nevermind.
  10. Group study rooms 11 and 12 don't have windows meaning that lots of "studying" is to be had inside(a *wink wink* if the quotes around studying aren't enough to connote wild orgies).
  11. We have a great entertainment law program and really, who doesn't want to practice entertainment law?
  12. At SWLAW, IRAC stands for the self-affirming message, I Really Am Cool.
  13. SWLAW is the Howard University of the west.
  14. We're not Whittier Law School.
  15. Professor Riley - before she was pregnant.

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