Sunday, November 14, 2004

Having CPK Some Nights Ago In The BW Student Lounge

A huge roach-like bug made an appearance. Angela, being the girl that she is, screamed. Brian, being the man that he is, tried to drop a table on it. Huge roach-like bug survived - let's not forget, roaches can survive a nuclear holocaust so let's go easy on Brian - and was shooed underneath the vending machines. Annoying cell phone guy went through dozens of indistinguishable ringtones trying to decide which one to identify himself to all those who can hear as annoying cell phone guy with annoying, indistinguishable ringtone. Three annoying 1Ls came down to grab a snack from one of the vending machines. "Ooo, they have Milanos." It took these three geniuses close to twenty minutes to figure out what they wanted. Confusing when there are so many damn selections I suppose. And really, it's a very important decision, a wrong decision could cost one anywhere from 50 to 80 cents. That intense drama having been resolved, annoying cell phone guy decides to be Japanese.

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