Sunday, November 14, 2004

The AMA's

Was it just me or did anyone else smell the alcohol on Anna Nicole's breath come across the tv set? And what the fuck is Kanye doing? And how do they follow his act up with John freaking Mayer?!

UPDATE: John Mayer in black & white no less. So artsy fartsy. Who makes these eff'ed up decisions?

UPDATE: I've heard Louis Armstrong sing this song and Mr. Rod Stewart you are no Louis Armstrong.

UPDATE: Not Alicia Keys' best, which means not good at all.

UPDATE: Seriously, if ain't Tim McGraw, I ain't listening to this country music shit.

UPDATE: A good source, a fan of hers actually, tells me that Kelly Clarkson looks like SHIT at the AMA's. I never thought she looked good to begin with so eh whatever.

UPDATE: Billy Idol? I thought he was dead.. or was it I wished he were dead?

UPDATE: Is it just me? Or are these rap/hip-hop performances wasted on audiences like the one at the AMA's?

UPDATE: Kobe presenting Usher an award for his album Confessions. Thank you Brian for pointing out this obvious irony that I missed and now I feel like a complete idiot. Thanks for the first part of that last sentence not the second part.

UPDATE: Bon Jovi. I stop now.

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