Sunday, May 01, 2011

Fix Everything

Someone I was romantically interested in expressed the oft said sentiment that she should let herself go physically in the hopes of finding someone interested in her for the right reasons - I do realize a certain level of vanity is implied.

I don't think she was all that serious but it led me to ask her if she thought it was better for someone to be interested in someone for who they are or what they could become.  She went with both.

I was reminded of this brief conversation because a friend of mine, who wants to remain nameless, - but really people, if you can't figure who it is among my few friends then you're either really new to me or an idiot - is going through a bit of the same self-doubt I just went through when the aforementioned romantic interest of mine rejected me.  His self-doubt came about when he got the vibe, from a girl he was really into, that she was nowhere into it as he was.  By the way, life is a bit easier when you're going through a down period and a friend is going through the same thing.

Friend: Yeah. Time to move on.  Too bad too. Really cool, fun girl.
Me: No shit... I know that feeling... It's going to be better though when you find the same type of girl but she's into you too...  That's what I tell myself anyway to help move on...just gotta believe.
Friend: Starting to not believe.  Like there must be some flaw I need to fix.
Me: I thought same and then told myself I'd use it as motivation to make myself better so that next girl like her can't turn me down
Friend:  But to make yourself better you have to know what to fix.
Me:  Fix everything.

Anyway, I get it, me and my friend are retarded when it comes to girls.  But what I want to say - and I know I took the long way to get to this point - is that instead of letting oneself go, it's better to personally strive to be the best and for others to recognize how we are trending rather than what we currently are or could be.

Anyway, a lot about nothing.

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