Sunday, February 20, 2011

Watercooler Talk

Co-worker:  So thanks to Wayne, who asked his brother, we know that Sonia's favorite cake is red velvet.
Co-worker 4: Good going Wayne.
Wayne:  You're all welcome.
Co-worker:  Now all we need to figure out is what size cake to get her.  $16 gets a cake that feeds 6-8 people, $18 feeds 10-12, $20 feeds 14-16, and $24 feeds about 20 people.
Co-worker 5:  So wait, how much are we supposed to be chipping in for this?
Co-worker 3:  $7 each.
Co-worker 5:  Really?!
Co-worker 4:  Balloons aren't cheap.
Co-worker:  Focus people, what size cake?
Co-worker 2:  Well that's easy we just need to figure out how many friends Sonia has here at work that are going to want to have cake with her.
Co-worker 3: Well there's us.
Wayne:  We should just get her a cupcake.
Co-worker:  Don't be mean Wayne.

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