Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random AIM Conversation

yaz: So fuck face
Bruin7089: what bitch?
yaz: Check my caller ID last night when I get home
Bruin7089: and?
yaz: She called back like right after you guys called and text her
yaz: Didnt leave a message whatever
yaz: Called today around 1
yaz: I was still sleeping, haha
yaz: Called her back
yaz: She is like yeah so I got your phone CALLS and your text, sounds like someone was drunk
Bruin7089: hahaaha
yaz: And I had to then explain how you ass monkeys stole my phone
Bruin7089: whoa
Bruin7089: the only person who stole was bunny
Bruin7089: and even then
yaz: You were an accomplice
Bruin7089: she had intent to return
yaz: It was a conspiracy btwn you and her and sean
yaz: So anyway
yaz: Explained that to her and then we just talked about non sense for the next half hour
Bruin7089: well?
yaz: Well what
Bruin7089: are you going to thank us or what?
yaz: For what?
yaz: Making me look like an ass
Bruin7089: I'm ready to say you're welcome fuckface
yaz: No, you will not be getting a thanks for that
Bruin7089: we get you a thirty minute conversation
Bruin7089: and no thanks?
yaz: Haha
yaz: NO

1 comment:

Yellow Queen said...

I think you should thank Wayne & Bunny... perhaps even bow down and kiss their feet!!! LOL!!!