Monday, May 22, 2006

So That's How The Hood Goes On

Brandy called it expectedly anticlimactic. It's probably because getting our bar result is the expected climactic event for most of us.

Hardly anything specific was memorable about today's event at the Shrine. Thanks to Brian, most of the time during the ceremony itself was spent pondering whose famous ass may have once occupied my seat. He said his felt like it had Scarlett Johansson's, which meant that with my luck the most famous person whose seat I had was the guy schtooping Scarlett Johansson - I guess I should be honored.

Not a day to remember about specifics, I think what I'll take away from it are things in general, like the long wait; laughing beforehand; not recognizing a lot of the names called; and just seeing people for the last time unless I bump into them in Ontario for the two month reunion.

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